9By night by day

Print of the Week! Domenica Bucalo’s #9 By Night By Day

#9 By Night By Day, from the series of Japan, 2001

Digital print

30 x 40 inches

Edition of 10

Domenica Bucalo is a visionary designer with a wide range of experience in design, creation and development of visual projects. She graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Milano, with a degree in Set-Design and Art History, then moved to New York to continue her studies at The School of Visual Arts. Shortly after, she was hired by the New York Italian Theater Company, holding the position of Set-Designer for their productions.

Ms. Bucalo was granted a Green Card because of Extraordinary Ability in the Arts. Since then she has worked in developing high-end residential projects, real estate boutique offices and visual window display design for the music world. Projects include, Lenny Kravitz, Beastie Boys, Sony Style Store NY, and The Lion King. She has extensive knowledge, experience and shows the utmost care in art directing projects in the 2D and 3D areas. Examples are her interiors creations for the launches of restaurants, as well as the development and styling of private events, record release party for the music business, special dinner events, visual presentation at medical conferences on new pharmaceutical products. She has been featured internationally in books, catalogues and magazines such as, Flash Art, Village Voice, Republica, Aperture, and Intervista to name a few.

Domenica Bucalo develops client needs and understands expectations, strategizing and designing solutions through a 3 dimensional approach to branding. Her aim to narrate a spatial experience through a total concept design approach, delivers poetic functional environments. They are infused with contemporary culture, a strong sense of social awareness and knowledge of history.

“Environments are a state of mind.” – Domenica Bucalo

Check out more work by Domenica Bucalo at www.editionedart.com.

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