That’s Printeresting

Definition: Pr·in·ter·est·ing     ˈprint(ə)ristiNG,ˈprintəˌrestiNG/ – arousing curiosity or interest in prints and printmaking; holding or catching the attention around the subject matter of prints.

The print blog, Printeresting calls itself the “thinking person’s favorite resource for interesting print miscellany.” This fab site focuses prints and its in society and connects prints to not just art and design but to current events and everyday life–way to go! Their mission is one that EditionedArt shares passionately, and that is to “reframe the discourse surrounding the fine art print, by clarifying the many ways in which print is central to contemporary art.”

They take a more humorous and irreverent approach to prints and printmaking but inspiring nonetheless. I raise my glass to them and anyone else out there who share’s EditionedArt’s mission. Thank you Printerest!

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