Launch Letterpress & Offset Printing at Community Printshop

Imagine having a place in your community where you could use a letterpress, or make a zine, maybe, and hang out with that guy you like while he prints his comic. There is a real place like this in Chicago, called the Spudnick Press Cooperative, and they’re on an epic mission.

About this project

This Spring, Spudnik embarked on an epic mission to expand the boundaries of community printmaking! Through unveiling our “Space Race”, we hope to spark unprecedented support for community arts and democratic printmaking. We recently moved into a larger space but cannot utilize our equipment with out completing a major press refurbishing project.

We are creating a campaign to bring to life 3 letterpresses & an offset press. Once we complete this project, we can share our movable type and photo polymer plate equipment with Chicago artists. We will also provide unprecedented opportunities for Chicago artists to use offset printing to create self-published zines, newsletters, comics, chapbooks, and other printed ephemera.

Our kickstarter campaign will culminate in a permanent series of community letterpress classes and affordable use of our presses through our Open Studio program.

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