Interview with an artist: Jim D’Amato

Art Dossier Interview with artist Jim D’Amato:
When we first met Jim D’Amato we were visiting an art fair in Miami, we had a brief and friendly introduction and both parties were on their way. When we met him again we were at another art fair, this time in New York, and after this we ran into him at just about every other art event we went to. He is a busy man and supports his fellow artists in anyway he knows how, whether it is showing up, word of mouth or most recently curating his own show that included work from 12 of his peers.  The man is everywhere not because he is a busy body but because he genuinely cares about his fellow artists, the state of the art world and supporting the artistic community as a whole. Above all this, he cares about educating his own eye and forging meaningful relationships with the world around him.

This commitment to his fellow artists translates ten fold in his commitment to his own work. Jim is an artist through and through, he is not a part time artist who dabbles in a bit of this and a bit of that, he lives and breathes art. He is constantly looking at what others are doing; constantly evaluating his own work and understanding how to make it grow and adapt, and looking at what has worked in his past work and what has not.

Part science fiction, part automatic drawing, this edition of silk-screen prints created exclusively for The Art Dossier exemplifies all of this. When we had our first studio visit with Jim, we fell in love with his intense, layered, thick, snaking, abstract paintings. These silk-screens are a smaller manifestation of those paintings and they are available exclusively through The Art Dossier Market at a price that makes them accessible to most.

Read below to learn more about Jim in Jim’s words as he discusses his process, his background and what went into creating this series of work. We hope you love them as much as we do.

1) You created this work especially for The Art Dossier, tell us a bit about your concept for this series of work.

This series of serigraphs explore a primal, multidimensional space, which has haunted my work for several years. They’re comprised of intricate, visceral forms that have evolved over time.

2) Can you talk about your process and methods used for creating this series.

It was important that the images could take on many permutations via their reproduction. I sought to create images that were graphically intense. In order to achieve this I made detailed black and white drawings, which eventually became images used in the silk screening process.

3) What is unique about this series of prints?

Every print is hand pulled and printed on 100 % rag paper. These are also the first open editions I’ve ever made. Recently I’ve become intrigued by the possibilities of infinite reproduction.

4) What are your traditional methods of working? How is this series similar and how is this dissimilar?

At times creating this series has typified my traditional process, and at other times it has forced me to work in opposition to it. All of my work is labor intensive, and comes from drawing. However preparing these images to be printed forced me to push myself, refine my process, and be patient.

Jim D’Amato (born 1978) is an American abstract artist. His work has been exhibited internationally in both galleries and museum stores. Jim attended the School of Visual Arts  in New York, and studied with legendary artists Jack Whitten, and Mary Heilman, among others. He has been included in group exhibitions with Richard Serra, H.R. Giger, Alex Grey, and more.

Image: “Entity 2″, 2011. Hand pulled serigraph on 100 % rag paper. Signed, open edition. 16.75″ x 11″. ($50)

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