Are Cecily Brown’s Prints As Effective as Her Paintings?

Willem de Kooning once said that paint was invented to recreate flesh. Young and established artist Cecily Brown known for her visceral and psychologically-charged larger than life paintings, started collaborating with Two Palms Press in the winter of 2002. Although her reputation early on was based on her propensity to create highly effective flesh-inspired, abstract expressionist paintings, her work is not single noted as can be seen by her prints and printmaking process.

Cecily’s prints too, are fully charged all-over compositions that consume the viewer and drive the eye in a multitude of directions. When looking at one of her prints, it is safe to conclude that it is as much about looking, or gazing as it were, as it is about experience the a humanistic presence. The artist has said that ‘The place I am interested in is where the mind goes when it is trying to make up for what isn’t there.’ Through her prints, Cecily is indeed able to recreate the tension between the object and viewer by challenging our way of looking and bringing us to the unknown.

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