EA artist, Joseph Jurson featured on VandM, a premier site for top designers and collectors

Born in Detroit in 1957, Joseph Jurson studied Graphic Design and Photography and graduated in 1979 cum laude from the University of Michigan School of Art.

Since leaving school Joseph has made photography a constant and serious part of his life.

A resident of New York, he finds particular inspiration in the familiar and well trod backyard paths of his South Salem garden as well as the unique locations he diligently pursues in his travels back and forth across the country and when overseas.

He is continuously working to develop his technique and intensify the images that constantly engage him. His varied work experiences as a gardener, photographer’s assistant, art director, and film producer have been a continuing adjunct to the constant of nature photography.

His work is represented in fine art photo galleries in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

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