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Curating Art For New York’s Communities


Art Connects New York (ACNY) curates permanent art exhibitions for social service agencies and non-profit organizations in order to create uniquely beneficial environments. ACNY’s curators select artists whose art can inspire self-reflection, dialogue and delight to help enrich the lives of New Yorkers as well as to engage independent artists living in New York. Our aim is to:

CREATE opportunities for NYC-based visual artists to show their work in meaningful ways—outside the traditional white walls of a gallery
GIVE access to contemporary art to those who may rarely see it in spaces where the opportunity for inspiration, transformation, and contemplation is especially helpful
SUPPORT the missions of our recipients by enhancing their environments
PROVIDE opportunities for curators to formulate exhibitions in alternative venues and help to bridge the divide between the “Art World” and the “Real World”


Be a Donor * Donate funds, goods or services. Donate here

Be a Contributing Artist * Donate your artwork

Be a Curator * Curate an agency placement or a Spattered Columns exhibition

Be a Volunteer * Work as an intern or volunteer your time

Our mission is to enrich the lives of all New Yorkers by making artwork easily accessible. We believe that art has the power to interpret the world, connect people, and inspire insight about ourselves and the world around us. Through art we can affirm the human spirit and help make New York a more welcoming, expansive city.

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