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May 2011 Newsletter

Bring the outdoors inside and acquire a Dennis Nechvatal woodcut still-life or pair up two stunningmuseum-quality Ellsworth Kelly’s flower lithographs. Browse our curator’s picks here!

Image at right by Dennis Nechvatal, Offering, Woodcut, 26 1/2 x 20 1/3 inches, Edition of 21, Unframed, Price: $1,250.00

Dennis Nechvatal demonstrates a unique ability to work in a variety of artistic styles through the medium of painting. His flattened, imagined forms are reminiscent of primitive works  created by his use of graphic constructs which suggest space and dimension. Nechvatal also demonstrates his immense skill through surrealist renderings, alluding to his acute eye for visual data and memorization.


Ellsworth Kelly

Daffodil, 2004

1 color lithograph

31 x 23 inches

Edition of 45

Price: $10,000.00

Mat and Frame addtional: $450
KellyEllsworth Kelly

Sunflower I, 2004

1 color lithograph

37 x 29 inches

Edition of 50

Price: $9,000.00

World renowned minimal artist, Ellsworth Kelly abstracts the forms in his paintings from observations of the real world, such as shadows cast by trees or the spaces between architectural elements. In 1950, Kelly met Jean Arp and that same year began to make shaped-wood reliefs and collages in which elements were arranged according to the laws of chance. He soon began to make paintings in separate panels that can be recombined to produce alternate compositions, as well as multi-panel paintings in which each canvas is painted a single color. During the 1950s, he traveled throughout France, where he met Constantin Brancusi, Alexander Calder, Alberto Magnelli, Francis Picabia, and Georges Vantongerloo, among other artists. His first solo show took place at the Galerie Arnaud, Paris, in 1951.

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