Billy Sullivan

Art Well Served – Artist designed plates by Martin and Muñoz and Billy Sullivan

EditionedArt is now featuring multiples by leading contemporary artists. Billy Sullivan’s porcelain dessert plates are inspired by cardinal birds in his backyard and Martin and Muñoz’s dinner plates humorously reference the ubiquitous snowglobe. Make your meals more sightful and savory with one of these artist designed plates. Read newsletter

above image: Billy Sullivan, 2 Cardinals, 11:45a.m.-12:14p.m., 11/26/06, 2006. Porcelain dessert plate, 8.25″ in diameter, edition 202 of 500

The limited edition porcelain dessert plates are based on Billy Sullivan‘s bird drawings—a series of detailed observations that the artist makes at his East Hampton home while sitting before a large window overlooking the bird feeders outside. The artist draws with brushes, sticks and black Chinese ink on various papers of different surfaces and records the date and time each bird is drawn. These drawings form a distinct branch within Sullivan’s art, continuing his concerns with observing life as it is lived in the moment.

Martin & Muñoz, Travelers (White), 2006. Porcelain dinner plate, 10.25″ in diameter, edition 228 of 500

Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz’s Travelers series is of sculptures and photographs that subvert the conventions of the snowglobe. These snowscapes conjure up a host of unpleasant possibilities. They work as open ended narratives pervaded by a sense of dread for what might be. The scenes are sometimes political, sometimes mystical with ample doses of gallows humor.

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