Having shown his innovative “Pixel-Perfect” artwork around the country as well as in European and Asian museums and galleries, Alex Guofeng Cao brings his stunning works to Los Angeles.  Confronting the viewer with a large-scale, imposing photographic image of a well-known iconic photograph, Cao connects the circuits of historical meaning by breaking down a memorable face into a grid of thousands of copies of a smaller, related image.  Marilyn Monroe decomposes into strings of repeated pictures of JFK or the Mona Lisa; Brigitte Bardot dissolves into tiny reproductions of the Sistine Chapel’s Creation of Eve; Andy Warhol emerges from a sea of Mao’s.

Alex Guofeng Cao, John F. Kennedy vs. Jackie, Digital C-print, 40 x 60 inches

These finely produced photographic mosaics, inspired by Cao’s interest in similarly constructed works from Egyptian, Grecian and Roman antiquity, leverage the new technical possibilities of digital imagery, making the pixel itself a new, self-conscious carrier of meaning, not merely a structural support for expression.  Cao takes this a step further, and the results are fascinating and often amusing history lessons!





Los Angeles Art Show – January 19-23, 2011

Los Angeles Convention Center

1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015

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