Learn How to be a Printmaker

I came across this printmaking department, MICA, and was impressed with their history, cutting edge facilities and especially, their green initiative. Finding a good place to learn the craft can be critical to ones career in prinkmaking. Read below for more.


Utilizing three floors and just less than fifteen thousand square feet, the MICA printmaking department has an extraordinary amount of space. Their outstanding facilities include separate, spacious, and well-equipped studios for intaglio/relief, lithography, screenprinting, papermaking, and letterpress/book arts; screen rooms and a plate exposure room for photo techniques; numerous etching and litho presses able to print large plates and stones; vacuum tables for screenprinting; and a library of over 90 litho stones. The department is building awareness of ways to use non-toxic materials in printmaking, cleaning, and production and went green in 2009 with new ways of maintenance and procedural environmental shop practice.  As other universities and colleges begin to dismantle printmaking departments, the MICA print department is acquiring equipment and building a leading edge center for print/ book and paper media.

The department’s approach to the four major printmaking processes; relief, intaglio, lithography and screenprinting allows students to investigate and achieve a comprehensive understanding of technique and realize a personnel vision with an emphasis on individual project work. The print department equipped with professional printmaking, book and papermaking facilities, incorporates traditional process with the latest photo and computer technologies available. The pedagogical goal of the department is to maintain a balance of course offerings so that each student meets core requirements and competencies required for the degree with a complete knowledge of printmaking techniques; relief printing, intaglio, lithography, and screenprinting. To this end, the core courses are taught each semester and Dolphin Press courses are added to meet requirements for book concentration

Housed within the Printmaking department, Dolphin Press & Print is a professional print studio and is curriculum tied to the print program through a series of courses. Invited artists, writers, designers and illustrators collaborate within the context of course offerings.  Students, exposed to professional collaborations at the Press, meet with artists in residence and participate in the production of publications. The overall goal is to expand the student’s awareness of the role of printmaking in the contemporary art world and the commercial aspects of collaboration.

The Printmaking Department is the home of Dolphin Print & Press, a professional printmaking and letterpress shop. Established in 1998 by Hilary Lorenz and John Yau, the Press brings visual artists and writers together to work with students in producing limited editioned letterpress books and broadsides. Throughout its ten-year history, the press has produced more than 40 such projects in addition to in-house posters and announcements. In 2000, Gail Deery, Chair of Printmaking, assumed the direction of the Press. At that time, she broadened the mission statement to include printed editions in a variety of printmaking media. In 2003, Whitney Sherman, Chair of Illustration, continued to expand the mission of the Press to include illustrator book artists/designers and involve students from the Illustration Department in Press projects. Currently as Co Director she continues to develop and market design oriented book projects. MICA website

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