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Torkil Gudnason

Torkil Gudnason’s award winning career in photography started as a teenager in Denmark, when he would tie an 8mm film camera to the tip of his skies, and record his wild downhill rides. Inspired by his sense of adventure, Torkil embarked on a full time career as a fashion photographer. Dividing his time between Paris and Milan, he began perfecting his craft before making a permanent move to New York City.

Originally from Denmark, Torkil Gudnason approaches photography with a no-nonsense, Scandinavian sensibility. His style is simple and graphic. He prefers shooting in color in order to play various hues off one another. When asked to list five things he can’t live without as a photographer, his answer is appropriately succinct: light, light, light, light and more light.

Later Torkil Gudnason started with his real passion; Fine Art photography, which has been, and is now, shown at a number of prestigious galleries and museums across the world, as well as on the walls of many Fine Art photography collectors.

Watch Torkil Gudnason on YouTube at Ports 1961 Exhibition in New York City