kim tschang yeul

Kim Tschang Yeul

Kim Tschang Yeul is a Korean contemporary painter who lives and works in Paris.  He attended Seoul National University from 1948 through 1950 where he studied Find Art. He largely works with the image and motif of water drops. He is inspired by Eastern spiritualism where water is an all encompassing element of nothing and all, negative and positive, harm and protection.  Water drops in his painting brings variety of narrative possibilities which can be interpreted as tears of joy, sadness, relief, rainfall or holy water.  All of those interpretations reflect Kim’s turbulent past in the Korean War era.

Kim has exhibited in Asia and in Europe, including exhibitions at National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo, National Museum of China in Beijing and Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume in Paris.  In 1996 he was awarded the medal of Knight of Art and Letters, Embassy of France, Seoul.

“I see repetition in terms of Buddhist prayer. You repeat and repeat until it blocks out all other thoughts, and you pass into an empty state. I have thought a great deal about my experiences during the war, and the water drops have become a requiem for the dead. For me, painting can be compared to an act of consolation towards the spirits of the dead, in the same way that one sprinkles water to protect the dead from evil spirits during a Buddhist purification ritual.”
- Kim Tschang Yeul


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