Kevin Cooley

Kevin Cooley

Kevin Cooley is a contemporary photographer who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. After receiving a B.A. in International Relations from Lewis and Clark College in 1997, Cooley went on to receive his M.F.A in photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. After completing his studies in 2000, he began exhibiting in numerous galleries and institutions including Angel Orensanz Center for the Arts in New York and White Columns Gallery in New York.

Cooley’s masterfully composed photographs describe the world almost as a painting, pointing out aspects of the surreal in the real world. He achieves such effect through careful lighting, which also recalls the artificiality of movie sets—thus he creates suspense and tension in his works as if the main action will soon take place.

Cooley’s photographs are included in renowned museum collections such  as the SolomonR. Guggenheim Museum the Schwartz Art Collection at Harvard Business School. In addition, his works are frequently published in various magazines including The New Yorker, Marie Claire and Harpar’s Magazine. Some of his clients include Architectural Record, Bomb Magazine, CitiGroup, Cisco, GQ, Newsweek Japan and the New York Times Magazine.


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