Domenica Bucalo

Domenica Bucalo

Domenica Bucalo is an award-winning Italian artist. International exhibitions include “Contemporaneo DOC/DOCVA” at the Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo in Rome; “Photomedia Europe” at the Palazzo della Triennale in Milano; “La Photographie Italienne Contemporaine” at the Galerie du Chateau D’eau in Toulouse; “Huesca Imagen” in Zaragoza, Spain; “From pencil to Laser” at the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco; the International Festival of Photography in Rome; the Ascona Museum of Contemporary Art in Switzerland. In addition, she was the first-place recipient of the Portfolio – Immagini in Movimento Award.

“Domenica Bucalo produces images then she xeroxes them: the contrast among surreal characters – absurd and paradoxical urban landscapes – and the simple characteristic of the xerox copy technique, create a sort of visual misplacement.“ – Gabi Scardi, Flash Art Magazine

Bucalo’s images express everyday desires and fears by translating and visualizing those moments. It’s an approach that does not judge nor offer solutions, but simply reports on life and human nature.

Her work plays with the concept of time, vision, memory—the way we change, what exactly makes us change, and our desire to turn back time. Memories are essential to human beings, they help us define our identity.

Ms. Bucalo lives and works in New York City, where she is currently a visual correspondent for Vogue Italia.

“Environments are a state of mind.” – Domenica Bucalo

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photo credit: Evan Sung