Cliff Evans, Brooklyn-based artist

Cliff Evans

Cliff Evans is recognized as one of the most innovative emerging artists working in new media installation. Brooklyn-based Evans has altered the landscape of digital art as we know it. Prints made from stills of the Cliff”s videos present the collector with a unique opportunity to acquire a moment frozen from the artist’s most well-known works. That these limited edition prints are created while the video installation is debuting, rather than as an after-thought,further solidifies their indelibly close connection to the artist’s original intentions. Aesthetically, the vibrant colors and bold composition speak to Cliff’s rich personal history, as an Australian-born man who has lived in such diverse spirited areas as Texas, New Orleans and New York.

“Marrying the old-fashioned art of collage to the newfangled technology of computer animation, Cliff Evans has produced a gripping five-screen video projection resembling a psychedelic ‘Last Judgment.’” -Ken Johnson, The New York Times
“His ‘Empyrean’ series presented a loose narrative of appropriated and layered imagery so perfectly edited it was seamless. Relying on Renaissance painting esthetics, Evans’ chaotic and beautiful piece utilized luscious texture, luminous skin, and quirky pop cultural references to examine global politics, television, fashion, and consumerism.” -Cara Ober, Baltimore City Paper

-Cara Ober, Baltimore City Paper


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